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Why Branded Drinkware Make The Best Promo Gifts


As a marketer, no doubt you’re looking for ways to increase brand awareness this year. After all, increased awareness equals an expansion in audience reach, brand affinity and ultimately greater profit. While marketers worldwide are chasing online advertising, offline marketing is often forgotten. However, research proves that promotional products continue to be a strong influencer.

So as you seek to incorporate some offline marketing, what is the best promotional product that’s both value for money and keeps your brand’s logo seen daily? Let’s take a look at why promotional reusable coffee cups and other drinkware are a smart marketing tool your business needs to take advantage of.

Sustainability Boosts Brand Awareness 

With sustainable living becoming a trend, many people are looking for ways to do their part. By gifting clients and customers reusable coffee cups, you are essentially sending the strong message that your brand cares about reducing people’s eco footprints and saving them money. This resonates with people’s core values, and they’re more likely to do business with a company that shares in the goal of making a positive environmental impact.

1 Cup = Years Of Awareness 

Promotional reusable coffee cups is the gift that keeps on giving. Because they’re useful on a daily basis, that means your brand’s logo will be seen, well, every day ‒ and not just by the holders of said liquid vessels. As your clients take, for example, your branded thermal mugs or sports shakers on the go ‒ to local cafes, homes, gyms, offices, local transport and wherever else people take their drinks with them ‒ hundreds of eyes will see them, increasing your reach for free! A small investment into promotional drinkware now has the possibility of reaping tremendous returns in the future.

Versatility Personified

Promotional reusable coffee cups are the ideal product to promote your brand with at a variety of events. And who’s at events? Various target markets! From sports events to charity lunches or corporate conferences and more, your branded drinkware will be held and acknowledged by dozens ‒ if not thousands ‒ of potential clients at the same time. Imagine handing out promotional reusable coffee cups containing warm beverages on crisp evenings to sports fans watching live matches or even used as part of the catering ware at functions. The possibilities are endless!

Once people receive your branded drinkware, they’ll become aware of your business, think that your company cares about them, use their gifts or give them to someone else, remember you when they need your services, and the whole cycle continues.

Are you ready to invest in promotional reusable coffee cups and drinkware for your company? Contact Star Promotions today for high quality, affordable promotional reusable coffee cups that will contribute to your marketing strategy’s success.

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