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What is Supacolour?

Supacolour is the latest technology in digital reproduction of logos. It is a proprietary technology applied in-house and in just 5 days from artwork approval to dispatch, it is very fast. It can reproduce logos perfectly without a need to compromise.

What are the benefits of using Supacolour?

- Unlimited colours and high vibrancy

- Ultra-high detail (finest of text, perfect colour gradients)

- Allows free floating text without any weeding required, hence the low cost

- Ultra-high resolution – photo reproduction achievable

- High stretchability and versatility in terms of fabrics and where it can be applied

- Robust! Can be applied across seams and on coarse fabrics.

- 100+ washes, will outlive the product and won’t peel, crack or fade.

- Using the highest quality, eco-friendly inks and no vinyl as well

- Saves time and money with very simple, cost effective pricing structure